Home is where the Heart Roams

If I couldn’t live in North Carolina, you could probably find me somewhere in Tennessee … not too far from Knoxville… because each time I’m there, I feel like I’m home again. Not “home” in the sense of weary restlessness that you yearn to view from your rear view mirror until it’s so far away you can only see the unknown but home– like when the world’s run you ragged and the only place that makes you feel like yourself again scoops you up and loves you. That’s what Knoxville is like. We are grateful for friends like Molly, who gave up her own home so that we could all stay at the same place and have comfort and being back on theBlue Plate Special with folks who filled the place out despite the cold rain. You warmed our hearts. Oh, and if you’ve never had to worry about a gluten and dairy allergy, you might not understand this, but know that our sweet bassist Nick never had so many options when we were out to eat (even Barley’s had a gluten-dairy-free pizza!). We were most impressed by the kind folks out at the Green Heron who actually bought gluten free beer just for Nick! That definitely does not happen every day, and we are eager for our upcoming return to play for these lovely folks again. The owner truly values original music, and people are there for the music first— the drinks second.

Spring has warmed our skin and brightened our spirits, and we couldn’t be more excited that our first full length record is finally happening. We’ve been recording with Nick at his studio in Chapel Hill, and our hard work is really coming through. Our release party is set for JUNE 21 (happy summertime, ya’ll!) at my favorite local venue, the Casbah in Durham, NC. If you want to find out more about the process and how you can help fund the album, please check out the Kickstarter project we just launched today:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1973346877/steph-stewart-and-the-boyfriends-a-record-tour-and?ref=activity

Until next time!

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