Madness of March

I know we live in a college town, but it isn’t just the basketball fever that is making the madness of March. As if booking a summer tour, finalizing a kickstarter, and recording our album weren’t taking on enough, we’ve decided to join forces with a few other favorite musicians (from the likes of Bevel Summers and the Ayr Mountaineers) and form a Cranberries tribute band. Welcome, MARCH MUSIC MADNESS!

Maybe you never knew, but the Cranberries were true idols in my eyes. I grew up listening to mainstream 90′s country and classic rock, and I loved the Cranberries for being everything that music wasn’t. I was an angsty pre-teen and needed something to tell me who I was supposed to be. The internet had just been invented but the likes of Napster and Pandora’s Box were unheard of. I anxiously waited, sometimes hours, for a radio dj to play “Dreams” or “Zombie” so that I could press the record button on my bulky boom box. Eventually, I managed to save up enough allowance to buy these albums and blasted them relentlessly, much to my parents’ dismay.

I didn’t really know about war, romance, Ireland or really anything for that matter. I was ten or eleven for god’s sake. The only thing that mattered was Dolores O’Riordan’s raw, lilting vocals and the lyrics that only recently did I actually learn. Hope you’ll join us for the event. It’s sure to be unlike any other.

3/16 @ the Casbah. FREE: John Howie will be on as THIN LIZZY; Salt to Bitters as THE POGUES; me plus an amazing band as THE CRANBERRIES.

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