In the loss and struggle– there is an abundance to be thankful for. I was fortunate to have a loving grandfather who believed in me and everything that mattered to me. He left us in September, but in so many ways, I see that he remains and continues to influence and inspire the best in me.

Soon it was October, and less than a month remained until I would tie the knot with another important man in my life, my husband Steven Horton. We were married on the 20th out at a lovely farm in Rougemont, NC. A day filled with friends, family, sunshine, goats and chickens, incredible food and of course music by two of my beloved “boyfriends”… I never knew perfection existed until this day.

A mountain of inspiration has been building this year and awaits exploration. In all of this living and loving, there is rock music bands. I am forever thankful to all of you who listen to our little songs. I am thankful for folks who come out to hear us live and those who just happen to be somewhere were we are, enjoying their beer, finding themselves also enjoying our music.

As the year winds down, we look forward to many performances and finally getting to work on a full-band recording of our music. I feel more driven than ever to make this happen… We’ve finally got a legit website domain at, and now we need a complete album. Stay tuned for more details as this project unfolds and find out how you can help us in the process.

Thanks for being a fan.


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