Chef Kabui’s Farm Dinner: Steph Solo

I am honored and delighted to perform tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon for my dear friend Chef Kabui at his Sounds & Organics farm dinner.

In collaboration with Piedmont Biofarm and The Abundance Foundation, Chef Kabui, of Organics & Sounds, will be serving up a 4-course dinner at the Plant on Sunday, February 26th from 4pm-7pm. It is $50 per plate, and all proceeds go to benefit his fledgling local organization, Organics and Sounds.

The vegan-friendly meal will feature local ingredients from Piedmont Biofarm, and other area farms. There will also be fresh juices and elixirs, served hot and cold, as well as some lively African music. BYOB.


First Course – SALAD freshly picked from Piedmont Farm, served with O&S vinaigrette, made with fresh organic avocado, fresh organic garlic, limes, parsley, nori seaweed, kiwi and organic olive oil. Salad garnished with fresh organic apple, pear and golden beets.

Second – SOUP made with roasted garlic, roasted fennel, roasted potatoes, and Farmer Doug Jones’ award winning roasted bell peppers, all in a fresh vegetable stock.

Third – KURIAMA made of Beluga lentils cooked with eggplant and celery and spiced with fresh oregano, rosemary, cilantro and garlic. This is then served with millet, which is first boiled and then cooked in an organic purple Cherokee tomato sauce, and nicely flavored with fresh herbs and spices. All this served with fresh sautéed veggies combination of cabbage, mustard greens, portobello mushrooms, and swiss chard. The dish is garnished with a purple beets sauce made with sea weed, white onions and heirloom tomatoes.

Fourth – BAHATI Elixir is a delicious drink is made from fresh squeezed organic apple juice, fresh squeezed pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, hibiscus flower, lavender flowers, star of anise and cardamom seeds.

Menu updates will be posted on our Facebook.

Please make your reservation using Google Checkout HERE.


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