Making it just right

If you know me personally, you’re probably not too surprised that the album we have been working on is not yet released. Perhaps it’s my Aries nature or overachiever tendencies, but I’ve got this thing where I’ve got to feel like anything I’ve put my heart into has come out just right. It may still fall short of perfection, but it has to at least been given my best effort. You see, this was the way I was raised… the one lesson that resonates strongest… it never mattered where I finished in the race, but that I tried my best and crossed the finish line. Between the non-stop that is school, teaching and planning a wedding with the love of my life, there has been too little time to devote to the mixing process of this record. So I want to have a second pass, if you will, once the non-stop has slowed. 

 Tim worked hard to mix and produce the record, and we’ve got some really great material; however, there are still some tunes that I still need to spend a little more time with, balancing out the sounds as I hear them when they play inside my mind. I will feel much prouder and happier offering you, our most supportive fans, a piece of work that I can genuinely say I saw through from start to finish and gave my all. Sorry to make you wait a little longer but know that it will be well worth it in the end. Until then, stay tuned… We’ll be sharing some of the finished materials as they become available. We’ve also got a few fun live shows on the horizon, and we’d love to see you there.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm. It truly brings meaning to the hard work, and it’s the reason why I feel compelled to share what I write beyond the walls of my home.

Your favorite fan,


Upcoming Shows:

April 14 @ 12pm– Grow & Share Festival @ Norris Creek Amphitheater– Louisburg, NC

April 28 @ 8:30 pm– The Eddy Pub– Saxapahaw, NC

May 11 @ 8pm– The Green Bean– Greensboro, NC


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