Falalaleee, let me go back to Tennessee…

We’re in Asheville after two days of playing music in Tennessee. Thanks to the kind folks in Johnson City at the Acoustic Coffeehouse. It’s always special to be able to be heard without needing a PA. Being on the Blue Plate Special was quite the experience… bright lights, live audience, glammed up DJ and the whole nine yards. Sharing the show with If Birds Could Fly was quite a treat. You should listen to them if you haven’t before. They write their own, and their cd release is TONIGHT in Johnson City.

We were a bit let down because Barley’s was a bit deserted for a Thursday, but the folks there, especially the staff, were so sweet and accommodating it made up for whatever we might have otherwise missed.  Apparently many people had gone to the Bonaroo music festival. We hit the road again for a late arrival into Asheville but happily staying with Tim’s sister, Dianne. She’s a very lovely woman and is having a family reunion/neighborhood gathering at her house this evening that we’re going to play music for. So if you’re in the area, come on out to 28 Elkmont Dr.

It’s all been really fun, but I have to say I’m ready to be home tomorrow!
Hope you enjoy the pics from the Blue Plate:

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