At last, a song is born!

At 22 years old I had grown tired and restless of life in North Carolina and was ready to spread my wings. So I packed up every square inch of my Ford Focus with clothes for every season and my guitar, heading out west. 3000 miles and several days later I landed in Emerald City (aka Seattle) with weary wings and eager eyes.

During my year in Seattle, I met amazing people and saw land so beautiful I cried. Nevertheless, I remained a transplant in a foreign body, and one year after I had arrived, my car was loaded up again, and this time we were east-bound because I had realized that no matter who I met or how incredible the scenery, the culture and traditions of my home could only be found in one place. So, I returned to the Old North State… this time for good.

I should have written this song then. But I didn’t.
It has been nearly five years in the making and well worth the wait.

I’m not much on songwriting competitions for a number of reasons, but it was truthfully the Our State songwriting competition that finally managed to pull “Wake Me Carolina” out of me. I’d love to win. Who wouldn’t? But I don’t need that to know the value of this song. It’s damn good, and I hope you’ll take a listen.

Please visit the website, join the mailing list if you haven’t yet, and enjoy a free download.

With love,


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