Hey everyone out there!

We just got word that “Wake Me Carolina” made it to the FINALIST round of the Our State Magazine songwriting competition. I believed in this song the first time I sang it from start to finish, but you just never know how others will perceive your work.  Over 220 songs were submitted from some of the most talented songwriters in the Tarheel State. I don’t need praise to validate my work… (you know, I am a Montessori teacher by day…) however, when the likes of Laurelyn Dossett, Rhiannon Giddenons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and Dave Watson of Chatham County Line think enough of my song to say I’m among the 20 best out of 220, well, it kinda makes me feel pretty special.

All of the Finalists can be heard by going HERE. Please get your free download of this single if you haven’t yet by going HERE. Stay tuned… the winner will be announced next week!

I’m proud of this tune. I’m proud of my fellas for believing in it as much as I do and not only making beautiful accompaniment but making the recording itself. I’m proud to be from North Carolina, and I’m proud to be someone you believe in.



One thought on “Finalist!!!

  1. I’ve always loved your music from the time you began singing and playing. I am your biggest fan and also your Mom. But, I have to admit this song “Wake Me Carolina” is my favorite! (Besides the song you wrote for me) Much love!!! MOM

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