Singin’ in the rain…

I like being on the road, watching the white dashes fly and fade as our cozy rental van edges closer to the next adventure. 800 miles brought us to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA where we met new friends, proud southern mansions slowly sinking under Spanish moss and a tropical storm disguised as a torrential downpour, carrying with it the lesson that rain is a blessing, not a curse.

We pulled into the field at Awendaw Green anticipating 300+ folks and instead played to a crowd less than one-sixth of that. Five songs in, and we got the word that lightning from a tropical storm passing through wanted to pull the plug on the evening… this wasn’t the packed out money maker we had set our hearts on. This was the intimate, unplugged show, played with the backbeat of rain drops to a listening crowd that mattered more than the 250 who let the rain hold them hostage.

In the morning the rain followed us as we unloaded the van into our new home for the night at Notso Hostel in the “Holy City” of Charleston. Guests from all corners of the globe filled the wide, welcoming front porch of the old home. We played on, as the night before, thanking the rain for inviting these lovely folks to our front porch show, who most likely would have otherwise spent their evening on the town.

The rain bid us farewell eventually, and by Friday Savannah was greeting us with blue skies and steaming streets. Our theme continued with another intimate listening room space, a gem of a stage called the Sentient Bean.
5am on Saturday. I’m home. The dog rushes to greet me at the door. I curl up in the bed, happy to be home and happy to have spent some time singing in the rain.
Grateful for my husband for taking care of things that make it possible for me to enjoy this dream. For Vikki at the Notso Hostel. For three incredibly talented friends who want to play music with me. For new friends and old friends and those we haven’t yet met. These are the things that are making me smile when my eyes finally meet that sweet, sweet sleep.

After the rain


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