Liner notes

I’d been stalking UPS for a couple days, and knowing my anticipated delivery was in Chapel Hill, I was on high alert all day Thursday for the big brown truck that would deliver the thousand copies of our debut album. 3pm. They’re here! I couldn’t be more pleased and proud of the final product revealed to me when I split the top open on one of the seven cardboard boxes sitting on my doorstep last Thursday.

The only problem is there just isn’t enough space to properly thank all the people that I’d like to acknowledge for years of inspiration and support. For believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. For giving yourself, your time and your talents so that this album would be the best we could make it. You are: My loving husband and truly better half Steven Horton, my parents Kathi & Kevin Stewart (they’re probably the only ones who really know how far I’ve come), Patricia Ferguson & Thomas Ferguson (you always told me to do what makes me happy), JoAnne & Butch Horton, all my brothers: Tommy, Anthony and Jason, Montessori Day School, Molly Mullin (most amazing photographer… making me look good since 2011… beyond generous), Annalee Harkins (truly inspirational creativity in all you do!), all my sweet, sweet, talented boyfriends: Nick (I don’t think we’d have ever gotten here without you. One of the best things to happen to this band in so many ways and a true honor to call my friend), Omar (infinite possibilities & love), Mario (so good I can’t tell when I stop and you begin! seriously, those harmonies are haunting & fish oil!), Emily Thewliss (strength & love), Davis Stillson, Don Raleigh and Tim Stambaugh, Kickstarter backers!, Emily Frantz (your music business school 101), Vimala Rajendran (nourishment!)…. all my old open mic night haunts (Drips (rip), The Cave, Skylight(rip)/Nightlight Exchange and those friends who came to support me there… anyone that has ever given us a place to play our music, sleep or fed us… or helped us rent a van… you have made this possible:

Over the World Below

Photo/design: Annalee Harkins, 2013



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