Second Chances on Thursday

Admittedly, I know nothing of prison life. I’ve watched Orange is the New Black… ok, I loved watching this show. But, how close this Netflix drama comes to the real thing is questionable at best. I do know about working the land. I know how valuable it feels and the sense of self-worth and independence that fills you up inside when you harvest your first crop, from tilling soil to seed to seedling to fruit. Hours spent outside, in the elements, telling the time not by your watch or cell phone but by the sun or the shadows cast around you. I waited for rain not because of a forecast but because I knew the clouds and the smell the leaves released before the first drops. I farmed for almost three years before becoming a gigging musician or Montessorian, and I cherish the dirt under my nails and calluses. These things, like those memories, never wash away. Like a scab mending skin, the land heals. In essence, this is what the Benevolence Farm does— gives women out of prison a chance to work the earth, grow food sustainably and rediscover a sense of purpose in it all.

This Thursday, we have the honor of playing music for the fine folks at the Benevolence Farm‘s Second Chance Dine & Dance event at the beautiful Haw River Ballroom. If you believe in second chances, specifically for women transitioning to life after prison, support this organization. 25 bucks is nothing for all the amazing food and entertainment that’s going to be there. 25 bucks is all it takes to help give someone a second chance. Hope to see y’all there. Get your ticket HERE.



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