Nobody’s Darlin’

2013 has been a wonderful year for us and our little string band. This is largely in-part to you and your support. Without you, we are just a group of friends making music in my living room. You bring the meaning into our work. Thank you for coming out to hear us… for telling your friends and family about our music… for buying cds… for donating to our Kickstarter and making it possible for us to afford producing our first ever studio album.

In appreciation of you and this tremendous year, we’d like to share our newest tune, recorded live in an empty house by my dear friend Catherine Chao. It was inspired when we were on the road and came across the Spoon Lady, busking on the bustling streets of Asheville. Omar had told me that I needed to play the banjo… so I took his advice, and with a few lessons from a very patient and forgiving teacher, this song was born. Click below and enjoy!

Steph Stewart & the Boyfriends, Nobody’s Darlin’ from Steph Stewart on Vimeo.

We have exciting plans in the works for 2014. Please keep in-touch and stay tuned to find out all the exciting developments.

Merriest Holidays and Everything Else!
Mario, Nick, Omar & Steph


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