24 hours


You probably don’t associate Belk with music; I know for me, it was always the place Grandma and I went to look for occasional seasonal sales and new Easter dresses. However, this southern department store chain is host to the Southern Musician Showcase, a regional music competition that invites artists throughout the southeast to submit their music for consideration. Out of 2000 submissions, we were one of the lucky 33 to be invited for auditions as semifinalists. What an absolute surprise and honor.

In 24 hours, we rented a van, loaded our gear and drove 7 hours to Atlanta, Georgia where we performed three of our tunes for a panel of judges (among them Mr. Woody Platt of one of our favorites, The Steep Canyon Rangers!). We also had some fun making this simple home video recording of a brand new tune called “Pearl” for CXCW (the stay-at-home version of some popular music festival in that cool city in Texas made especially for us folks too poor to make it to that other festival).

In a week or so, we’ll find out the results of our audition. We’re feeling strong and invite you to join us in crossing all of your appendages as we hope to be among the select finalists who get to play The Fillmore at the end of the month! 

HAPPY MARCH! Let the madness begin…. and Winter, we aren’t sad to see you go.


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