Hurry Up Spring Tour

Omar and I had a most wonderful time this weekend on the kick off to what we’re calling the “Hurry Up Spring Tour.” Virginia is beautiful country, and I think if I had to live anywhere besides NC it’d probably be there. Despite icy winds and roads, a handful of brave souls managed to make it out to the Uptown Cafe to hear us play. We had a lot of fun making music for all of y’all and were grateful for the exceptional hospitality Jason and his staff extended. We couldn’t have felt more at home.

We woke early Saturday morning to a cloudless sky, promising spring would soon be here to stay and headed out west for two more shows in the Virginia mountains, first at the Floyd Country Store in the town of Floyd, which has earned quite a reputation for it’s thriving music scene, and then in a little gem of a mountain town called Eggleston at my new favorite restaurant The Palisades. We were pleasantly surprised by the talent that we got to meet at both of these shows, in particular Mr. Greg Galbreath– maker and owner of Buckeye Banjos— one of the most beautiful instruments being built today.

I don’t know if we have ever been better fed and looked after. I’d like to extend a special note of gratitude to my aunt and uncle who hosted us on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. We can’t thank everyone enough for coming to hear what we’re all about, and we’re already planning to return as soon as we’re able this summer.

Our next show will be on my 29th birthday at Mystery Brewing Company in Hillsborough, NC. Come enjoy the new spring ale release and celebrate with me! Nick and I will also do a special duo show at the Local 506 on March 27, opening for the talented indie folk-pop artist Julia Weldon.


3 thoughts on “Hurry Up Spring Tour

  1. Thank you and Omar for coming to play in Floyd on Saturday. Ron Ireland and I loved your music, so very much. The coalfields and the challenges that our mountains face are both very dear issues to us, and your music touched our hearts. Please come back soon, come back often.

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