Mountain Bound

Steph with the Flat Pennies

Our western NC leg last week was a lot of fun. We’re thankful to all who came out to hear what we’re all about. In addition to a nice run of shows, Steph enjoyed a busking session with the legendary Abby “Spoon Lady” Roach and her gal group, The Flat Pennies, in downtown Asheville. Abby was the inspiration behind “Nobody’s Darlin’,” so getting to sit in with her was a special treat.

We’re gearing up for another set of dates this weekend, kicking things off tomorrow in Eggleston, VA at one of our favorite eateries/music spots, The Palisades. From there we’ll head north to Clifftop, WV’s Appalachian String Band Festival where we’ll be competing in the “Neo Traditional” band competition (keep your fingers crossed!) and playing lots of good ol’ fashioned old time music with everyone we find, of course. Saturday will bring us back to Floyd, VA’s Country Store for a nice set for folks around lunch time.


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