Happy Anniversary!


Two years ago, I played my first show with Mario and Omar. Shortly thereafter, we discovered Nick, and now I can’t imagine making this music without them. These fellas truly are top notch, and they are the reason I feel that I can now call myself a musician and not just a songwriter.

Omar believed that I could and should play the banjo. He loaned me his, and after three lessons, I was in love. I doubt I’d have ever thought it was possible without his encouragement. Mario listens to every song before any one else. He’s got the courage to tell me when something needs to get cut and how to make a diamond in the rough truly shine. He has worked tirelessly to help me be a better harmony singer and never gives up on me (even when it sounds really bad). Nick has the gift of time. I often call him the “human metronome,” and I have found joy in working with my actual metronome because of him. He hears what a song can be and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty (literally- he recorded himself crunching gravel in his driveway for an effect in “Coal”).

I’ve said it before, but I truly am THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD. I have a wonderful husband who loves and supports me and three amazing boyfriends who all believe in the music we create. I can’t wait to begin recording our sophomore album this fall! Happy Anniversary, fellas!


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